Meet Aladeen, an avid watch collector and crypto trader.


Extremely knowledgeable about the DeFi space along with an immense liking for high-end timepieces has won him huge Twitterati following.

We have come across many crypto trading experts who have amazed us with their deep knowledge about the subject. There are many such experts hovering around the digital space who have a humongous following owing to their digital presence as they are exceptionally good in what they do, gaining an amazing social media following. Aladeen, better known as @Crypto Aladeen is one such personality who has taken the social media, especially Twitter, by storm as he exhibits his expansive liking for luxury watches, as well as his immense liking for the crypto world. The kind of followers he has amassed is remarkable.

Did he strategize his moves to become as popular as he is today? Or was it just out of his passion for trading cryptos and collecting world’s best luxury watches that made him climb the ladder of popularity in such a short time, we ask the man himself, to which he answers, “watches have always fascinated me since the time I remember. The interest towards collecting the best timepieces was imbibed in me since my early days. My interest towards crypto trading developed at a later stage when these digital assets were introduced and invoked curiosity in me to learn more about it. Before I knew, I was amidst the sea, surrounded by the world of watches and cryptocurrencies.”

Aladeen says he is extremely happy and satisfied for showcasing his passion in front of the world, who have appreciated his endeavors. He has a vast collection of the best luxury watches which he showcases on his [email protected], which have earned him more than 41.5k followers, which is enough proof of his growing popularity. He says that to become a successful crypto trader, one needs to follow a specific strategy without deviating from it. Recognizing the right breakout patterns also results in successful trades according to Aladeen who says that he is completely immersed in his passion for watches and trading, and that’s what keeps him going.