Meet Aimi Shibuya, acing the game of entrepreneurship with her astute business skills


Aimi Shibuya has taken over the beauty salon and restaurant sector, thanks to her passion and determination.

We often hear success stories of men doing exceedingly well in the business world. But how many times do we see people talking about the excellence of women in the business scene? Though things have been changing for the better, and more and more success stories of women are coming to the forefront, it is imperative to talk more about them and let the world know about their resilience, hard work and perseverance as powerful entrepreneurial souls. More and more industries are running with influential and intelligent women, who are leaving no stone unturned to leave their mark in all that they choose to do in their careers and the industries they wish to step into. We came across one such highly driven woman entrepreneur named Aimi Shibuya, a Japanese talent who has now made Singapore her home.

Wondering who is Aimi Shibuya? Well, this young talent exudes every quality and virtue of becoming a dominant figure in the business world with her astute business acumen and innate skills as an entrepreneur. Looking at her pictures on Instagram can make people believe that she is a model or actress for her enchanting looks and personality, but Aimi Shibuya has made a prominent name for herself as a businesswoman in Singapore.

One of her businesses is a beauty salon, where Aimi Shibuya is driven by her vision to bring Japanese beauty into Singapore. She has been doing excellently well in the beauty salon management field and is the one who, while in her twenties, has introduced tooth whitening with her beauty salon in Singapore. Aimi Shibuya started with working at a beauty salon in Japan and desired to start her own business abroad. After moving to Singapore, she started her tooth whitening business utilizing and thriving off of her experiences in Japan’s beauty salon.

When she began her business in 2017, tooth whitening was not a common phenomenon, but gradually it picked up the pace and gave her business the success it deserved. As an ace businesswoman, she also approaches celebrities and influencers to boost the visibility of her business and, ultimately, sales. Her beauty salon stands apart from others because it is a speciality store that only performs whitening treatments.

Now that Aimi Shibuya has pioneered teeth whitening treatments in Singapore, she wants to take her business to the next level by developing total beauty treatments for women. Apart from this, Aimi Shibuya also owns a Shushi restaurant in Singapore that offers a top of sushi restaurant.

Aimi Shibuya has also emerged as a young influencer on Instagram who keeps posting about her lifestyle and has thus gained massive fans and followers. To know more, follow her on Instagram @helloshibuya_3.