Manipur polls: Meghalaya CM Sangma visits father of NPP’s Andro candidate shot during campaign


Imphal (Manipur): Meghalaya Chief Minister and National People’s Party (NPP) chief Conrad Sangma on Saturday visited his party’s candidate from Andro L. Sanjoy Singh’s father who was admitted to the hospital after being shot during the election campaign, said the Chief Minister’s Office.

Sangma, who was campaigning for NPP in Manipur, said he will ensure that necessary action is taken against the perpetrators and he will meet the Chief Electoral Officer today in this regard.
Shamjai Singh has shot on the right shoulder during a campaign programme at Yairipok Yambem Leikai in Manipur on Friday, ahead of the assembly elections, added the CMO.

“The incident that happened last night is very unfortunate. This simply reflects the frustration of certain individuals. They know the overall political situation. This is not acceptable at all the kind of action they are taking. And we in politics and in democracy have always believed in casting expression through speeches and our votes but this kind of behaviour, this kind of action is completely unacceptable,” said Sangma.

“We will be meeting the Chief electoral officer today at 3.30 pm and will express our deep concern over the situation which is prevailing in this election. As far as I remember, this is my fifth election in Manipur but I have not seen this level of violence. I have been campaigning since 2002 but I have not seen this kind of violence,” added Sangma.

“The government and the election commission should take action against this, cognizance against this. Take necessary action so that a free and fair election can take place. We will ensure that we take this up at the highest level including MHA as well as the Chief Election Commission of India. We will ensure that necessary action is taken against the people who have done this kind of act,” he further said.

The elections in Manipur will be held on February 28 and March 5. Votes will be counted on March 10. (ANI)