Manipur cops give sweets to people riding without helmet


Manipur (India): Contrary to the common practice of imposing fine to helmetless riders, Traffic Control Police personnel in Churachandpur distributed sweets to riders without helmets and counselled them on safety tips.
Superintendent of Police Amrita Sinha came up with a way of safe driving

campaign and spreading awareness on helmetless driving to motorcycle riders.
Speaking to ANI on Sunday, SP said, “We are carrying out the helmet drive to check those bike or two-wheeler riders, who are travelling without wearing their helmets – either they do not have a helmet or they have forgotten it at their house or they might be keeping it in the vehicle itself and not wearing it.”

The TCP personnel stopped the vehicles for checking and counselled the riders while offering them sweets. The drive began a couple of days back and it is being taken up in different locations of Churachandpur town on a daily basis.

“Imposing fines is not bringing any change and our intention is to bring about a change, to instigate some kind of safety sense in the minds of people because helmet protects an individual and it is not for anybody else but for their own safety,” Sinha added.

A local resident of Imphal, Paya Suantak told ANI, “I think this is a beginning of the development for the public. This step will always remind me of wearing a helmet and I appreciate this step taken by our police department.” (ANI)