Manchester City need to go game by game: Kevin De Bruyne


Leeds, Dec 23: Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne stressed that they need to move forward ‘game by game’. 

“We need to go game by game. We dropped some points along the way, but I think the reaction of the team has always been really good, the way we play has always been the same and we have played good football,” quoted De Bruyne as saying.

“This is the way to go forward. This is the way we have played four seasons with Pep Guardiola and this is not going to change. We work hard and we dedicate a lot to playing well and if this is the way we play, people will enjoy it. We just try to win game by game and at the end of the season we will see what happens,” he added.

Manchester City is placed on the third position on the Premier League table with 38 points from 18 games. The table is topped by Liverpool, who have 49 points from 17 games, followed by Leicester City with 39 points.

De Bruyne said their only focus should be to work and play hard.

“If we don’t win it we don’t win it, but we work and play hard every day and this is the way to go forward,” he said. (ANI)