Maharashtra: Two coaches of train derail at Vasai Road Yard


Mumbai: Two coaches of a train were de-railed while performing shunting in the Vasai Road Yard near Mumbai on Tuesday, the Western Railway said.

The derailment occurred when the leading trolley got a lift up, however, these coaches were later re-railed, Western Railway added.
“While performing shunting in Vasai Road Yard, for removing coaches from sorting line No.1 to Diva line No. 5, southwest trolley of one coach, 2nd from the engine was derailed and leading trolley of 3 rd coach from engine got lift up at 16:54 hrs on 11th August, 2020 . ART BAMY ordered at 16.58 hours,” Western Railway the said.

“Repercussions on traffic was NIL. Affected coaches re-railed at 21.04 hours,” the Western Railway added. (ANI)