Maharashtra elections: 102-year-old Pune man casts vote with 40 family members


Pune (Maharashtra): A 102-year-old man came with his family of 40 members to cast vote in Pune’s Lohgaon for the Maharashtra assembly elections.

Haji Ibrahim Saleem Joad was earlier hospitalised but took an early discharge for the day to exercise his franchise

Joad has been a regular voter since India achieved independence and was in a wheelchair when he came to cast his vote on Monday.

“I have been voting since India has got independence, and I have seen a lot of changes. I was admitted to hospital for 4 days but today I’m here to cast my vote and I urge everyone to come forward and vote,” the senior citizen told ANI.

“I have raised my family with the habit of voting every year. Modi is doing good work and hence my vote goes to him,” he added.

Joad further said that he had a big family of 150 members, including 10 sons and 2 daughters. (ANI)