LPG connection Portability without visiting the distributor


GUWAHATI: The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has provided the facility of Online Transfer of LPG connection to another distributor serving in the same area.  LPG customers through respective OMCs web-portals as well as their Mobile Apps can avail this facility.

This facility ensures that the LPC customer can avail online portability to another distributor of the same company, operating in the same market without visiting the distributorship. The facility is free of cost and there are no fees or transfer charges payable. A total of 55759 portability requests have been successfully completed by OMCs in May 2021.

Customers using their registered login can choose a distributor of their OMC from the list of distributors serving in their area and opt for the porting of their LPG connection.

Source distributor has the option to contact the customer and persuade him/her. If the customer is convinced, he/she can withdraw the portability request within the stipulated time of 3 days. Otherwise, the connection gets transferred to the target distributor automatically.