Lost father a year ago, Guwahati College girl turns farmer to support family


GUWAHATI, Aug 3: The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically. We are all living through an exceptional moment in time. For many life has come to a standstill, but there are some who have still not given up and are fighting through. Rekha Das is one among them who has been an inspiration for many in North Guwahati’s Kuruwa village. A student of Guwahati College, Rekha has taken up farming to make ends meet. She lost her father to an accident in 2019 and now she has taken up the responsibility of her mother and brother.She works hard for hours to grow vegetables like Sponge gourd, Ridge gourd, Pumpkin and many more.She has  recently begun planting rice saplings in the paddy field .

“I lost my father last year. I am trying hard to run the family through farming, since i am not going to college now. All my friends have extended their support,” Rekha said.

Growing vegetables has helped many like Rekha fight poverty and become independent.This is also seen as a positive development for the agrarian sector.