Leopard cub rescued by family in North Guwahati


GUWAHATI: In the midst of daily reports of man-animal conflicts, a few examples of kindness and love also appear. A family in North Guwahati found a lonely, injured leopard cub near its house and took it in. The family of Dharani Thakuria tended the leopard cub and nursed it back to health. Almost everyday people in hundreds visited their house to see the leopard cub and also take selfies with it. Now as the cub has been nursed back to health, Dharani Thakuria finally decided to hand it over to the forest department.

“It fell in front of a truck at around 03:30 in the wee hours. We saw that the cub was running here and there. So, I went near it and saw that it was injured. Slowly and steadily I tried to scratch its back and it came near me and it was in no condition to attack me. So, I brought it to my home, tied a rope in its neck, and kept it in my home. We gave the cub milk and biscuits,” said Dharani Thakuria.