Legends of Elumia is built to take the gaming zone to the next level


The Metaverse is ready to welcome a new entrant in the form of this play and earn the game.

Game in transactions has been on a rise as more and more players have been spending on in-game items. The virtual experience has surpassed everything else, and the demand has increased to a great extent, pushing many gaming entities to step in. Legends of Elumia is a next-generation play-to-earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) game developed by a well-experienced team of 40 game developers, who have created this game which is backed by high-quality graphics, rich features and exciting gameplay that keeps the players hooked on to it, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to earn income directly through online gaming.

There are multiplayer adventures and battles with in-game enemies who are also controlled by other real-life players. The characters and pieces of equipment are fully owned by the players in the Elumia Metaverse, who are open to multiple opportunities to earn rewards by winning battles against other players. Players can dig deep into the dungeons and defeat enemies in the Elumia Metaverse. The seamless gameplay is backed by the Solana blockchain, which ensures decentralized ownership of digital assets and a secure marketplace.

There are two native utility tokens that can be used in the Legend of Elumia ecosystem. Elumia Crowns (ELU) is the governance and staking token, and Elumia Krystals (EKS) are the game’s currency token. These tokens are backed by the powerful Solana blockchain, which ensures fast, secure, and decentralized digital asset ownership at low costs. The $ELU token is used for governance and general decision-making (DAO) in the Elumia ecosystem. It can also be used for other in-game benefits and rewards for staking. Whereas the $EKS token can be used as a medium of exchange. Players can earn this token during gameplay and have to spend it to buy in-game items. Furthermore, the token has economy balancing mechanics.

Crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike are eagerly anticipating the first Alpha Test version due at the end of Q1 2022. This playable Test release will showcase some of the core gameplay in the world of Elumia. To access the alpha test, players can join  the Elumia discord for updates and get instructions on how to participate.

To know more, visit Legends of Elumia’s official website,