KSU sets up “infiltration check gates” to search inbound Assam vehicles


A day after the final draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) was out; the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has set up “infiltration check gates” at three districts in Meghalaya. Members of KSU are frisking inbound vehicles from Assam and examining their identity-proof of the passengers.

The district units of the KSU have set up “infiltration check gates” at Byrnihat in Ri-Bhoi District, Atiyabari in West Khasi Hills and Ratachara in East Jaintia Hills. The KSU General Secretary Donald Thabah told News Live that there will be a spillover effect in Meghalaya and with no proper mechanism to fight influx they had to resort to setting up of infiltration gates.

He said “As per their reports over 1,000 illegal immigrants were detected and stopped in East Jaintia Hills while over 100 in Ri-Bhoi district. He also alleged that truck load of immigrants from Barak valley tried to enter Meghalaya but were stopped. He also informed that in Ri-Bhoi the KSU members are working in tandem with the police.

Stating that the union will continue frisking inbound vehicles, Thabah said that they will not let Meghalaya turn into Assam.