Kong Trading: Making his mark in the world of crypto and the NFT world.


Kong Trading also runs his successful YouTube channel and makes sure to create valuable content for the Defi space.

Apart from the many industries and sectors that have made a lot of headlines over the years and have garnered much momentum and recognition for multiple reasons, the digital financial industry and the trading space have been the ones that have perhaps made the maximum headlines and made many heads turn. It has thus today become necessary to throw more light on these industries and know how a few people and platforms have been adding to the glory of the industry through their endless hard work and effort and their respective brands, projects, tokens, collections, clubs, communities and much more. We noticed the rise of one such professional, who has been making it huge in the Defi space by sharing details and emerging as a true-blue professional in the industry; we are talking about Kong Trading, aka @KongBTC.

Kong Trading may seem like any other guy in the digital financial industry, but he is definitely much more than that and has exceeded limits emerging as one of the finest trading algo developers @MyAlgoTech and has flourished as a trader at Delta Exchange, which has grown as one of the most trusted global crypto derivatives exchange that serves both retail and institutional traders. Kong Trading always wanted to be a part of the trading world, and as he saw the constant boom in the vast digital financial industry, with the rise of NFTs and crypto projects, he decided to dive deep into the same to create his own successful path in the industry and become known as a trusted name, be it as a trader, algo developer or as a social media influencer in the Defi space.

Today, Kong Trading also successfully runs his YouTube channel, where his compelling content continuously amazes all his audiences and people looking out to strengthen their insights and knowledge about everything crypto and NFTs. By stepping foot in the Defi space, Kong Trading has truly come a long way and still feels he has a long way to go.