Kolkata: Devotees throng Dakshineswar temple on Kali Puja


Kolkata (West Bengal): Many devotees gathered in Kolkata’s Dakshineswar temple on the occasion of Kali Puja on Thursday morning.

Kali Puja is a major festival in West Bengal that is celebrated on the day of Diwali. In the remaining parts of the country, people worship Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Kali is the first of the ten incarnations of Goddess Durga. Depicted with a fierce face and terrifying look, Goddess Kali is regarded as the most aggressive form of Goddess Durga.

Earlier this week, The Supreme Court has set aside the Calcutta High Court order putting a blanket ban on the sale, purchase and use of all kinds of firecrackers in the state during Kali Puja, Diwali celebrations and some other festivities this year to check air pollution amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (ANI)