Kokrajhar MP Naba Sarania may join Trinamool, BJP unfazed


GUWAHATI: Kokrajhar MP and Gana Suraksha Party (GSP) chief Naba Sarania has been meeting the top leaders of Trinamool Congress. These meetings have given rise to speculation of Sarania joining the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool soon.

Sarania has admitted to the media of him meeting the Trinamool Congress and informed that the discussions were fruitful. Sarania also said that Assam and North East India will benefit more if West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee becomes the Indian prime minister.

“Assam and West Bengal share a border in BTR, especially Kokrajhar and people living on both sides have family relations. Bengali speaking Hindus have a sizable population on both sides of the borders and are connected through business, culture and other socio-economic ways,” said Naba Sarania. These factors provide the positive grounds for Trinamool Congress to start the organisation in Assam, said the Kokrajhar MP.

Commenting on Naba Sarania’s moves, BJP National General Secretary Dilip Saikia said that it is his personal choice and at the moment there is no party in Assam which can stand as a challenge for the BJP. Also, for many years the BJP will not face any challenge in Assam, said Saikia.

“Trinamool has no base in Assam or in North East India. BJP is like a huge tree providing shelter to millions and so it does not need to fear or worry,” said Dilip Saikia.