Kerala Plane crash: This is how Captain Sathe saved hundreds of lives


KOZHIKODE: The survivors of Friday’s plane crash in Kerala said that it was Captain Sathe’s presence of mind, which averted a major fire after the crash that helped save their lives.

According to the India Today report, as soon as Captain Sathe realised that the aircraft would crash, he turned off the engine right before the crash, saving the lives of his passengers and the cabin crew. The initial reports suggest that the fuselage broke into two after the aircraft overshot the runway during its second attempt to land at the Karipur ‘tabletop’ airport.

The survivors said that the brave pilots and the local residents averted a major tragedy. The local people rushed to the spot and pulled the survivors even as smoke and a minor fire had engulfed the aircraft.

“It was raining heavily. The pilot had given a warning before landing saying the weather was really bad. He tried for safe landing twice but lost control. The aircraft shot off the runway and skidded off and it broke into two pieces. It was a miraculous escape for many,” said V Ibrahim, one of the passengers who survived with minor injuries.