Kaziranga prepared for floods says park director P Sivakumar


GUWAHATI: The Kaziranga National Park might face the second wave of floods this year. Though the park is not experiencing a deluge at the moment, the authorities are taking no chances. Barricades are being put at corridors along the 37 National Highway where wild animals cross to the higher lands of Karbi Anglong Hills for shelter.

The Brahmaputra river water has entered some areas of the park and low lying areas are submerged. The flood waters are a blessing in disguise for Kaziranga National Park as it washes away impurities and revives the eco-system.

According to P Sivakumar, Director, Kaziranga National Park, “The Monsoon has not yet arrived and after 10 July there is weather prediction of more rains. If that happens, then Kaziranga will have floods like previous years. Our water catchment areas, mainly the natural beels (riverine flood-formed lakes) are full now. The flood water carries away the common water hyacinth out of these beels thereby cleaning them. After the Monsoon, these beels become useful for the birds and animals.

Explaining the preparations that the park authorities have made for the floods the director said that speed sensors and barricades have been put in place.

“We have already put barricades on the animal corridors and speed sensors are in place. Also, Section 144 has been promulgated by both the sub-divisions. We are ready to manage the flood,” said Sivakumar.

On the role played by natural beels inside Kaziranga National Park, P Sivakumar said, “Our main water area is Sohola Beel at Agoratoli and Brahmaputra water has already filled it. Similarly, the beels at Burapahar Range are also filled. We already have water management in place. Even after the flood waters recede, the water will come into use in November-December.”