Kaziranga National Park provides blankets, heaters for animals to beat winter season


Guwahati :  As cold wave  conditions have gripped the entire country ,  Kaziranga National Park authorities have provided blankets and heaters for animals to protect them from the chilling winter.

As per reports, blankets and heaters are being provided to inmates of the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation. Baby elephants at the centre are seen draped in cute little blankets.

“We are special taking care of baby rhinos and baby elephants here by giving them warm clothes,” said Samsul Ali, veterinary doctor of Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.

At present, the national park is taking care of nine baby elephants, five baby horses and one tiger cub along with many other animals. At the same time, the authorities are also taking extra care of their diet and giving them nutrition-rich food to keep them strong physically.

The birds in the national park are also kept in incubated rooms to protect them in the harsh winter months.

Kaziranga today recorded a low of 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.