Kaziranga National Park in Assam gets ready to battle floods


Kaziranga: Like every year, the Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in Assam is getting itself ready to battle the looming floods. Though it is still mid June and the full-fledged floods are due any moment now, the park authorities are taking no chances with their preparations. Some low level areas inside the Kaziranga National Parks are already filled with water and the jungle treks have also got flooded.

The KNP authorities are using manual and speed boats to conduct their regular duties. In the Burapahar Range, 30 manual boats and 3 speed boats are being readied. The Kaliabor Division authority has issued section 144 for the movement of motor vehicles through the highway in the Kaziranga National Park area.

It is always the low lying areas inside Kaziranga National Park that get filled when the floods occur. The wild animals then move to the high grounds for safety. This is when they are most vulnerable and the forest officers of the park get into the task of protecting the animals 24×7.

“We have three mechanized floating camps, 30 manual boats and 3 speed boats in the Burapahar Range. We have already repaired and serviced them and got them ready for the season. We extensively patrol the 37 National Highway during this time so that the animals do not face any trouble crossing the roads. There are many wild animal corridors in this stretch. We and the Kaliabor administration ensure that the animals remain safe,” said a forest department official in Kaziranga National Park.