Kareena Kapoor Khan, other celebrities raise awareness on coronavirus


Mumbai: Amid growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, top Bollywood celebrities including superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan are currently spreading awareness about the pandemic.

Kareena who recently joined Instagram used the medium on Friday to share a note about the rising information and misinformation around the novel coronavirus.

“In the wake of the rising misinformation around the novel coronavirus. There is so much of new information coming out every minute and it’s scary for everyone but we need to filter information from the right sources,” she wrote in her Instagram story.


“Don’t panic and more importantly don’t cause panic. Your actions affect those around you. Efforts are being made all over the world and we must all do our part, however small. Stay safe. Love you all,” Kareena added.

Actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor also took to Twitter and asked people to take up “social distancing” seriously amid the outbreak of the highly contagious virus.

“Social distancing … do it, it will dramatically help … please listen things are getting very very serious, if we don’t things can really snowball rapidly,” tweeted Kapoor.

The ‘Mirzya’ actor also shared pictures from his workout session on Instagram and a picture of himself wearing a face mask and wrote, “Shits about to get weird.”

Arjun Rampal also penned a long post on his Instagram raising awareness about the pandemic.

“What now? As the world locks down, since everyone realises that it finally takes a virus to jolt us to take precautions for our health. Which we must do, for safety of our loved ones, ourselves and others. Let us take this time out to reflect on what we have done to this planet,” Arjun wrote in the caption.

“How much we have consumed from nature. Let’s not just value human lives but also value other living creatures and Mother Nature. Imagine we are a virus to them when we create havoc in their lives. Hopefully there is a silver lining at the end of all this for everyone. Stay safe and responsible,” he added.

Other celebrities that have taken up the task to raise awareness and cut misinformation about the contagious virus are megastar Amitabh Bachchan and actor Priyanka Chopra.