Kangana Ranaut Reacts On Rhea’s Arrest; Urges Her To Unmask Real Villains In Sushant Singh Rajput’s Downfall


Guwahati:  The actress from the Bollywood who was speaking about the SSR demise fearlessly was Kangana Ranaut all this while, followed by her explosive interview with Republic, where she gave out some big names, advocating nepotism and groupism in Bollywood.

The actress has reacted to SSR’s alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty being arrested by NCB and taken into their custody.

According to Pinkvilla, the Queen actor mentioned Rhea being a scapegoat as she had also said it earlier, and a small-time gold-digger, but now is the time the Jalebi actress unmasks the real villains behind SSR’s downfall.

The actress said, “I always said Rhea is just a scapegoat, she may be a small-time gold digger or druggie but now she should reveal the names of masterminds behind Sushant’s epic fall, who finished his career? Who snatched his films?” Continuing further she also is seen urging the actress to unveil the ones who defamed the late actor and got him into drug consuming habits. “Who ruined his reputation and to top it all who gave him drugs?” she added.

On the end note, Kangana has urged Rhea to expose everyone before it’s too late, she said, “She should expose everyone now or else it will be too late.”

Also commenting on the Supreme Court’s verdict of handing over the case to CBI,  she expressed being happy how every individual stood strong in support of SSR and made this happen. 

She said, “My happiness knows no boundaries right now because for the first time I feel a sense of collective consciousness like collectively every individual has made it happen and how everyone stood up for Sushant. The way outsiders are treated or the less privileged ones, who get the raw deal. But in this case, the entire globe supported and not just India.”