Kamrup Metro bans plastic bags below 40 microns, pay fine


GUWAHATI: With an initiative to ban plastic bags the Kamrup Metro District Administration has directed the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) to ensure strict compliance with plastics that are below the recommended standard. 

On Thursday, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kamrup Metro Biswajit Pegu issued a directive banning the use of plastics below 40 microns. In Guwahati, people using plastic bags will have to pay a fine, the directive said.

In addition to being harmful to the environment and public  health, dumping/throwing of plastic bags in the primary and secondary drains have clogged them which has resulted in water logging in and around the city during the rainy season, the district administration has observed. 

DC Biswajit Pegu directed the Municipal Commissioner to take action against the people using plastic bags.

Pegu has directed the GMC to ensure strict action and impose fines against those commercial establishments under GMC for using or selling plastic shopping bags below the recommended standard.

The Kamrup Metropolitan District Administration has repeatedly banned the use of plastic bags. But to date, the use of plastic bags has not stopped in Guwahati. It will be interesting to see how the district administration is campaigning against the use of plastics, which is considered one of the major causes of pollution in the city.