Kamrup Metro Administration Release SOP for Picnic Goers


Guwahati: As winters are here, everyone will be enjoying the outdoors by having outdoor picnics. Picnics bring together family, friends and neighbors and let everyone have a great time.

Keeping in view the picnic season the Kamrup Metropolitan District authorities have issued a standard operating procedures (SOP) for the picnic goers in Guwahati.

As per the SOP the picnic goers will have to obtain prior permission with the Kamrup Metropolitan District authorities for the safety of the people and the environmental conservation in mind.

The order read, “In order to regulate the gathering of picnickers around various picnic spots of Kamrup Metropolitan District during winter and other seasons, District Administration is issuing the following guidelines to check the destruction/disturbances of Flora and Fauna of the entire eco-system.”

The key points highlighted in the order are:

  1. No individual or group shall enter the picnic spot or picnic without proper intimation and permission from the concerned authority. Local Administrative Agencies will monitor entry/exit/number of groups, etc. at all picnic spots.
  2. No group of individual shall dispose off any non bio-degradable products and other wastes specially, thermocol and single use plastics within the earmarked picnic area. After the picnic, it shall be the duty of the picnic party to clean up the space utilized by them and dispose of the waste in the designated areas. Any party leaving without cleaning up the space shall be penalized as per the prevalent rules and regulations.
  3. Polluting the water resources, washing dishes or clothes or bathing in the washing area, any water body, fountains or any of the toilets within the picnic area is strictly prohibited. Washing of hands, etc. shall be permitted only in the designated washing area.
  4. Gambling of any other sort of unlawful sports shall not be allowed in the picnic area.
  5. Fishing, boating, swimming or any other water sports in water bodies within the picnic spots is prohibited unless specifically permitted otherwise by the concerned authority.
  6. Playing of loud music, instruments with high notes, hooliganism is prohibited in all spots in general and nearby the Bird Sanctuaries in particular. In case of violation, the picnic security officials reserve the right to remove the party from the picnic spots.
  7. Any activities posing threat to the peace and tranquility of Deepor bill are strictly prohibited.
  8. Removal of, or defacing a sign, poster, building, or other property within the picnic spot is prohibited.
  9. Disturbance to the environment by digging holes, cutting trees, destroying the grass or damaging any property within the picnic spot is discouraged.
  10. Caterers and food vendors are not permitted unless previous permission has been granted.
  11. Bursting of firecrackers, shooting or discharging of any arms/holding of any armed instruments within the picnic premises is strictly prohibited.
  12. Building temporary structures like tent of asbestos/plastic shades shall be prohibited.
  13. Smoking drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the picnic spot.
  14. No electricity shall be provided within the picnic spots except for lighting purposes during the wee hours and hence uses of the same by the picnic goers shall be prohibited.
  15. No riding of bicycle or vehicles within the picnic spot as it might hinder the other tourists/public group.
  16. No activities or functions related to any religion or political party within the picnic premises shall be allowed.
  17. Permissions related to picnic spots etc, are to be obtained from the Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, Kamrup Metro.