Kamrup (M) DC ordered to enforce strict vigil of uncontrolled boring and extraction of Ground water


Guwahati: Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) district and Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Pallav Gopal Jha on Tuesday issued a notification directed that to enforce strict vigil of such uncontrolled boring and extraction of Ground water.

According to Jha, various quarters reported regarding haphazard, unscientific extraction of ground water without proper permission from concerned authorities by various persons/builders/societies.

Unabated, uncontrolled boring and extraction of ground water continues, it will result in a variety of ecological issues, including a decrease in water level, pollution and deterioration of water quality, he added in the notice.

Furthermore, as a result of increased urbanisation and development activities, the regions for natural water infiltration have been lessening day by day, causing in a decrease in natural groundwater recharge, he claimed.

Jha, ordered to the authority conferred under Sections 30.2 (iii), (iv), (xx), (xxii) and 41.1(c) and 41.2 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, prohibit all types of ground water extraction in any form within the jurisdiction of Kamrup Metropolitan District without proper permission from Central Ground Water Board.

Moreover, for obtaining NOC for extracting ground water, the applicants may apply online in the following URL: uwa-noc.govio