Kamrup (M) Administration tightens COVID19 screening at Guwahati Railway Station


GUWAHATI: COVID19 infection has taken a dangerous shape in Assam. The number of persons infected is highest in Guwahati that sees a lot of arrivals from outside the state through trains. Most of the persons found COVID19 positive at the Guwahati Railway Station have arrived from West Bengal, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Tests are being conducted strictly at the Guwahati Railway Station in Paltan Bazar by the Kamrup (Metro) District Administration. “With the increase in numbers of COVID19 cases detected at the railway station the administration has scaled up the screening tests. Most of the passengers coming to Guwahati from other states having high infection rates have tested positive. In the past two days around 30-35 passengers have been found to be carrying the disease,” reports Abhilasha.

“On an average 25-30 people have been detected with COVID19 at the Guwahati Railway Station. We have separated the exit points so that there are less chances of people skipping the tests. They will have to go through the testing centres as other exits have been closed. We have officials at the exits who will check whether the COVID19 tests have been done or not,” said Biswajit Pegu, Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup (Metro) who was present at the Guwahati Railway Station.

On being questioned on how the administration was handling the situation, DC Biswajit Pegu said, “The people in Guwahati are cooperating. You saw how everything was closed by 6 PM yesterday. It can be fought through people’s cooperation only. People have started wearing masks while they are at public places. We can’t be present at all the locations but wherever possible we are trying our best. We can’t force the citizens to wear masks, it has to come from their consciousness. Our main objective is to stop the spread by screening, detecting in the airport and railway station through tests. I urge the people to keep the masks on, maintain social distance and sanitise.”