JUSTICE AWAITS THEM: Yashas Narayan, acclaimed for his Black Panther pictures, now tends to explore the Big Tusks


From capturing the rarest to the astonishing, renowned wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan has been exploring the domains of the Wildlife World. His clicks of Black Panthers well explains the skills he inherits and now since he has worked on many personal projects, he aims to build the best portfolio on the Asiatic elephants.

Even though many photographers have been taking pictures of Asiatic Elephants, Yashas felt that there is still a lot that awaits justice to the Asiatic Elephants, especially the big tuskers of South India.

Determined to do something more, he is set out to build a portfolio of the last left big tuskers of South Asia.

This summer he spent close to three months in the jungle to build a portfolio of Asiatic elephants and now the portfolio made by him is known to be the best one in the country. Through many such projects, Yashas has been building astonishing portfolios of the Indian Wildlife and he is among the top wildlife photographers of India.

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Yashas aesthetic sensibility lies in taking the ground level pictures of elephants and showcasing them with dynamic backgrounds, highlighting various colours of the sky or the surroundings; indeed something which not many photographers have done in India.

Not only this but Yashas also takes up personalised private guiding Wildlife tours in India. His immense knowledge about the wild and the forest has made many of his clients to connect with nature and experience the wildlife in their raw form. 

His domain even extends to mentoring other photographers and he has been helping them learn how to capture stunning world class pictures which match the standards of  NatGeo, BBC etc.