Joymala’s origin traces back to Assam’s Kakopathar


Joymala’s origins have been traced to a non-descript village in Kakopathar in eastern Assam’s Tinsukia district.

A villager at Kasijan village and his family have claimed that Joymala belongs to them. Reportedly, this claim has been found to be true as per official documents.

Talking to reporters in the village, Girin Moran, the owner of Joymala, said he was shocked to see Joymala being tortured in the most inhuman way by its mahouts at a temple in Tamil Nadu.

He also said that he had agreed to send Joymala to the temple since it was becoming impossible for him to feed the animal in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ban on the felling of trees across the region in 1995.

Joymala was sent to Tamil Nadu in 2011 for 3 years after completing all necessary official procedures through the Doomdooma forest division.

Moran also alleged that despite all his pleas he did not get his elephant back on one so-called technical and official pretext or the other. Moran and his family members have now appealed to the Assam government to bring back Joymala at the earliest.

Meanwhile, our group channel News Live is in Tamil Nadu where they visited the temple where the elephant Joymala is kept. Joymala is kept at the Krishna Temple at Krishnakanvil which is about 80 kilometers from Madurai.

Every day, Joymala is decorated and taken to the Endel Temple at Silbhilputhur where she is kept at the temple premises so that devotees can come and take her darshan.

Meanwhile, it has also been learned that Joymala has been renamed Jaymalini in Tamil Nadu.