Joshua Bodjanac – Crafting exemplary interiors through his creative stable – ‘JB Noble Interiors Ltd.’


Gaining global recognition for his outstandingly unique designs, he has aced the space big time.

Interior design is an ever-evolving profession, as styles distinctively change with time and the advancement of trends and latest technologies, making it an extremely challenging profession. There have been many numerous design professionals who have enchanted all with their awe-inspiring designs, but a few out of the lot have really been able to make a distinct mark for themselves in this extremely creative and competitive field of interior design, Joshua Bodjanac, is one amongst them who has given designs to die for since the time he entered this space. He has been looked upon for the amalgamation of aesthetics and exquisite designs for a long time now, and all his work features a distinctive use of blended colors and creativity which never fails to enthrall all. Each of his creations is unique and stands out from the other, making no two designs similar, that’s his USP, which lacks in the current breed of design professionals.

After spending years in the industry and grasping the subject to its core, Joshua established his own firm in 2014, named ‘JB Noble Interiors Ltd.’ which has since its foray into the realm has created designs that exude eclectic taste which is rare to find anywhere else, creating work of the highest quality. He has been featured in the world’s best design magazines for years as his work has been found to create its own identity which is distinct from established designers. Today, his client list range from neighboring states like California, Texas, Colorado, Florida and Ohio, to far-off places like Australia, Europe and Central America, he has spread his wings across the globe and is trying to expand his reach to more locations. His portfolio includes designing residential homes, luxury condos, yachts, and hotels.

Today, his designs have become a trendsetter, and he’s one of the best designers who have his hands behind some of the best-designed spaces around the world. He is moving ahead with a fast pace and is bound to rule the interior design industry in the near future.

To get a glimpse of this extraordinarily talented designer’s work, visit his official website or follow him on Instagram: @joshuabodjanac.