Jorabat flash floods: Daredevil cop rescues bus passengers


A daredevil police officer stole all the limelight after rescuing many people from a bus that was stranded in the middle of the national highway at Jorabat last night. Heavy rains lashed Guwahati and its outskirts and also the nearby hills of Meghalaya leading to severe water-logging in the national highway.

Among the vehicles stranded in the national highway was a Jorhat-bound bus that bore the brunt of the flash floods as water entered the vehicle leading to panic among the people. As people started to fear the worst, including the possibility of the gushing waters sweeping the bus away, Birinchi Das, the IC of Jorabat Police Outpost, braved chest-deep water and rescued a minor along with several other passengers from the bus.


SDRF personnel arrived a few minutes later and rescued many other passengers.

“It was a night I will never forget. Water came gushing by and even entered our bus. The police officer didn’t wait for rescue teams to arrive and took out many passengers, most of them women and children, from the bus,” a passenger of the Jorhat-bound bus told News Live, adding that he decided to stay back after the situation improved.

Hundreds of vehicles were stranded for several hours on the highway as rain water along with water coming down from the nearby hills in Meghalaya.