Jon Storm’s findings and views on the NFT space has gained him wide recognition


He throws light on the subject of digital assets like no one else, and that makes him a popular industry expert.

Ever since Web3 introduced its vast offerings, the world has been getting acquainted with many newer technologies, which has garnered much attention from all quarters. One of its most promising introduction has been cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) which have experienced an unprecedented growth in the past few years as many investors and traders have jumped into this sphere in a bid to make it big. Today, apart from the traditional investment instruments, these have become one of the most preferred investment options of many across the globe. However, one needs to know this subject well in order to thrive as an investor or trader and for that proper guidance is extremely important which experts like Jon Storm impart through their social media channels like Twitter :

Speaking about the growing popularity of these digital assets, Jon says, “these have emerged as the most preferred options of many out there owing to their potential which exudes a bright future. The advancements that Web3 has brought along has opened up doors for many who were limited to stocks, and it’s associated investment options. Furthermore, these have shown tremendous promise as they can give massive returns if chosen rightly.” He also believes that one has to choose the right projects and digital assets to make a mark, or else they would end up losing their finances. That’s the reason he tries to impart his knowledge about this ever-growing industry on his social media which has amassed a humongous following owing to its informative content which has benefitted many in return.

Jon strongly believes that digital assets are going to rule in the future, and those who grab them at the right time can possibly earn a fortune if their selections are wise. He has his hands behind many NFT projects like Shinsekai and PlanetSlyNFT as an advisor. There are many other NFT projects he is backing, as he feels they have the potential to reach astounding heights in the near future.