Jason Lobdell, a fitness entrepreneur who is inspiring many


Guwahati: Jason Lobdell is a leading entrepreneur who has achieved everything through his discipline, hard work, and dedication to helping others. He has changed the lives of thousands of people. Jason has been passionate about fitness all his life.

 A brief about Jason’s work    

 Earlier, he got into logistics and did very well in that field, but he always had a passion for fitness. Jason runs a gym, The Loft Athletic Club where Jason and his team help members prioritize their fitness and health and maintain a positive and energetic environment. Jason and his co-founder Gee Bryant have coached thousands and have changed their lives physically and mentally as well.

The team creates a highly powerful, and it is a must-see for fitness enthusiasts visiting Atlanta. Jason also offers a top-notch online fitness program called It has featured in renowned publications, such as BlackFitnessToday, Huffington Post, BET, and Medium.

 Where did Jason get his inspiration from

 Jason thought of starting his business and when he became a parent. Pregnancy changes a woman’s physical appearance naturally. His wife then had to lose weight, for which they hired a personal trainer who took their bodies to another level. Jason was physically fit still hiring a personal trainer transformed him. Soon then Jason was allowed to be a gym trainer. He took advantage of that opportunity which proved to be one of the most crucial decisions in his life.

Jason’s purpose

Jason is a person who finds happiness in helping people, make people change their lives, and encourage them to be healthier. He has done a great job to date, his achievements are commendable. He made a woman lose 60 pounds from a wheelchair, another woman runs for the first time in 20 years after suffering from multiple sclerosis. Jason says he is blessed with the right energy to make people believe in themselves. ‘Nothing is more rewarding than doing something for someone they can’t do for themselves’ remarked Jason.