Jadhav drives his auto in reverse at 80 kmph


Pune: An autorickshaw driver became a local attraction after he performed a stunt where he drove his auto-rickshaw in reverse at the speed of 80-kmph.

Santosh Jadhav, who is also a businessman, became the centre of attention in Pune after he performed various stunts with his autorickshaw, including the reverse driving stunt.

Speaking to ANI, Jadhav said: “I have been doing this stunt for the last 15-20 years on various platforms as a hobby. I can drive my auto in reverse at a speed of more than 80-kmph even in traffic.”

He further stated that earlier, 4-5 accidents have occurred while performing the stunt. “I have a business of autorickshaws, but I have kept this one exclusively for my stunts,” he added. (ANI)