ISKCON devotees Protest Worldwide against attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh


Guwahati: International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) devotees around the globe took part in a worldwide peaceful demonstration on Saturday to demand justice against attacks on the Hindu community in Bangladesh.

Keeping in solidarity, the ISKCON society of Guwahati has also observed a protest at Dighaliphukhuri.

It may be mentioned that an ISKCON temple in Naokhali, Bangladesh was vandalized and a devotee was killed by a mob on October 16.

Devotees of ISKCON in Pune also held protests to condemn the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh.

Holding banners that said, ‘Protect our temples in Bangladesh’ and ‘Stop violence against Hindus’ several devotees gathered at the ISKCON temple in Pune Camp area Saturday morning and protested against the attacks and killings of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh.

Visuals from Melbourne in Australia also show protesters carrying placards and staging a peaceful demonstration to stand with the victims of the vandalism. 

It is to be mentioned, that the protest is being carried out in a peaceful manner across 150 countries. Also, prayers will be held as a part of the protest. 

The community has also planned to carry out a worldwide day-long protest as harassment and killings of Hindus still continue in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the protest has been carried out across 850 temples across the globe at the same time.