IPL 2020: Badruddin Ajmal, core sponsor for Mumbai Indians


Guwahati: Cricket has historically been a great platform for companies to connect with consumers as the game’s popularity and reach across a billion-plus people is second to none.

Hence, when the Indian Premier League (IPL) launched in 2008, it was regarded as a sponsors’ paradise. There has been a significant rise in the number of brands that have opted for multi-team brand sponsorship deals.

Now it has come to light that AIUDF Chief and sitting MP from Dhubri Lok Sabha Constituency Badruddin Ajmal is associated with IPL star team Mumbai Indians.

According to reports, Badruddin Ajmal is one of the sponsors of the IPL team Mumbai Indians.

Ajmal perfume owned by the MP is a core sponsor of the team with its logo on the team banner. This particular image of the banner has now gone viral on social media platform.

The world’s richest cricket league hit a roadblock as India was gripped by the pandemic. IPL 2020, earlier scheduled to start on March 29, was pushed towards uncertainty.

Several stakeholders expressed concern over its viability at a time when sport in general was severely affected. 

Things started looking up when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) moved IPL 2020 out of India to the UAE. This is only the second time (since 2009) in the league’s history that it will be held entirely outside India.  

Despite the ray of hope for cricket fans, the industry continued to be cautious. It reckoned that India’s contracting economy would make it impossible for the market to “support and sustain” a league that is all about big money.