International Women’s Day: Cotton University students learn self-defence


Guwahati: On the eve of International Women’s Day, Cotton University Students’ Union organised a workshop on self-defence for the female students on Saturday. Collaborating with JCB Aadya and other organizations, the Students’ Union organised the workshop in indoor stadium of Cotton University.

Students from prominent educational institutions of the city also participated in the 4-day-long workshop for self-defence.

Keeping in view about the hygiene of the women, Aadya will provide free sanitary napkins to the students who have participated in the workshop.

Talking to the media persons, one of the members of the Cotton University Students’ Union said, “Cotton University Students’ Union have organised this workshop on self-defence for all the female students. Our own trainer Mr. MC Rao is providing the training.  We the girls are not always escorted by security guards or our parents to provide us security.  So it’s our duty to protect ourselves. Heinous crimes against women have been on the rise. So this kind of workshop will help us to ensure our own safety.”