Indian Fashion Student Flaunts Bearded Saree Look In Milan, Netizens Take Notice


Guwahati: Imagine an Indian bearded man wearing a saree in its all regalia and flaunting it in the streets of India. Forget the stares & the furor it would create, there is a definite possibility would perhaps make the Prime Time news in the media.

Pushpak Sen, from Kolkata has done what has just been described, albeit in Italy and fittingly in the fashion capital of Milan. A student of fashion in Florence’s Polimoda Fashion School Pushpak proudly posed for pics donning in a saree wearing a coat over it in the busy streets of Milan and posted his pics in Instgram for the whole world to take notice.

According to reports in the media this is not a one off fashion statement that Pushpak is trying to make. He dones the Indian saree regularly even while attending classes.

He explained the Indian Express that he could not pass off the opportunity of resprenting the Indian culture in the world’s major fashion hub but in his own style. Sen has also donned his beared Saree look in the streets of Barcelona as well.

Sen is not new to the virality of Internet for his out of the box sense of fashion. His off beat response to his mother being slut shamed for wearing a redlipstik in a family gathering earned him praise all over the social media verse.

“Here I am, a man with a full face of beard and a red lipstick.

Here I am, standing up for all the mothers, sisters, daughters, non males and all the womxn who have had to suppress their desires because of the toxicity of an insecure society,” he wrote in an intagram post posting a picture of his lips painted read and holding a lipstick in his hand.

From the looks of it there are more ‘statements’ in store from Pushpak’s side.