Indian Ecommerce Sector Estimated To Reach $113.7 Bn By 2027: Inkxpert Review


Inkxpert, Inc. is a content-writing firm with offices in New York and Mumbai, and a team of experts that understand how the perfect mix of style and substance can help any company advertise itself effectively. Inkxpert, Inc. has been supplying professional material to its clients in the form of blogs, copywriting, press releases, and brochures. Inkxpert review of the Indian e-commerce sector projects it to be valued at $113.7 Bn by 2027.The company’s writers have years of experience in a variety of areas, including technology, finance, healthcare, and automobiles, and are skilled at writing material that is both search engine optimized and relevant to industry trends. With its team of experienced technical writers, Inkxpert has garnered clients from all around the world.

A sudden nationwide lockdown of systems in the wake of COVID-19 left the entire business world suffering in every way imaginable. But one online publishing company was able to use this opportunity as a way to grow. More than simply surviving, Inkxpert, Inc. instigated a massive growth spurt by taking advantage of some of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the world: The Series A round of seed funding from Hudson Venture Investments and KSA Partners raised more than $4.2 million for Inkxpert, Inc. at a market valuation of $7 million. This demonstrates the faith that investors have in Inkxpert and its ability to overcome any obstacle.

If you have limited resources, you may need to use freelancers in crowded and competitive markets—but be aware that many freelance writers want significant commitments from their clients. With a team of writers, editors, and SEO specialists dedicated to creating the finest online content possible, Inkxpert addresses these concerns. The main reason for the company being the first choice of clients is the Inkxpert review process of its clients’ services to deliver aligned content.Clients don’t have to waste time and effort seeking writers because Inkxpert provides a single point of contact. The organization prides itself on delivering high-quality, personalized content on time.

Inkxpert outsources the content writing project to professionals who specialize in different topics and know how to write that particular type of content. The content needs to adhere to strict quality standards in the way it is written, edited, and altogether packaged. After working on a project, editors are free to make changes based on the client’s suggestions. After all of the inspections have been completed, the SEO specialist does a variety of quality checks and closes any gaps, ensuring that the material is ready for marketing. Inkxpert review of the social commerce GMV predicts it to be valued at $20 Bn by 2025.Clients can choose from the following plans: NANO, MICRO, MINI, and MAXO, depending on their requirements. Alternatively, they can ask for a more personalized approach. From copywriting to SEO blogs, website content, blogs, brochures, whitepapers, and press releases, the company has got it all covered. Inkxpert believes in giving back to the community, which is why they contribute 20% of their profits to the education of underprivileged children with their “Inspire In Ink” campaign.