Indian Army officials visit blowout area at gas well of Oil India Limited


Dibrugarh: Indian Army officials visited the blowout area at the gas well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan on Friday to monitor the progress of work at ground zero, said Oil India Limited.

“Lt. General Rana Pratap Kalita, AVSM, SM, VSM, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 3 Corps with other senior officials from 3 Corps, Indian Army visited Blowout Area today at Baghjan to monitor the progress of work at ground zero. He had detailed discussion with Dr P Chandrasekaran, Director (E&D), OIL and other senior officials of OIL & ONGCL,” said a press release from Oil India Limited.

The press release said, “The Environment Impact Assessment study team from M/s ERM India Pvt. Limited visited Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Maguri-Motapung Beel for sample collection again on 18.06.2020.”

“TERI Study on Air quality & Noise level: TERI has installed one unit for Particular Matter, SOx, NOx measurement at Baghjan EPS. Installation of remaining units is planned for today at identified locations,” it added.

“TERI study on Bioremediation of sludge: Joint inspection by TERI and OIL team is underway. Inspection and assessment of land area and water bodies including the area near Maguri Motapung bridge due to the blowout incident is being carried out by the team from TERI,” it said.

“CSIR-NEIST Seismological study: Civil work for installation of equipment in new locations is in progress. Installation of Broadband seismograph and equipment is in progress at Kaliapani Eco Resort Project. Data acquisition began at Limbuguri Tea Estate,” read the release.

Regarding preparation for Capping the Well–Inspection/Testing of Equipment–Pneumatic Cellar Pump tested and found OK, the press release said.

It added, “Assembling and testing of BOP is in progress. Testing of other equipment mobilized from ONGC is in by expert team of M/s. Alert, Singapore at OIL CMT Yard and Equipment Yard in association with CMT-ONGC team and OIL technical team.”

Regarding the assistance from the Indian Army, the press release said, “Materials sent from Indian Army Misamari for construction of Baily Bridge by 3 Corps, Indian Army have been unloaded from 11 nos. of trucks at Baghjan and unloading of remaining 4 nos. of truck is under way.”

Regarding mobilization of Equipment/Materials from ONGC, it said: Vehicles carrying second load of Equipment/Materials mobilized from ONGC-Rajamundry & ONGC- Vadodara are in transit. Trailer with Bulldozer mobilized from ONGC – Vadodara is also in transit.

A total of 34 heat shields for Indian Army personnel are handed over and fabrication of additional numbers of heat shields are in progress at OIL’s Engineering Workshop.

Erection of heat shield in front of debris area is completed, the press release said.
Water Reservoir @12000 KL: Delivery line laying work to the reservoir is completed and connections are in progress.

Regarding relief and rehabilitation, it said, “A team of OIL doctors led by Dr Pranjit Pran Baruah, General Manager (Medical Services), OIL visited the relief camps to check up health and hygiene condition of the camps. Two Food Safety Officers from Joint Director of Health Services, Tinsukia District office visited the relief camps to check the food quality provided in the camps.”

Mosquito repellent cream was distributed to around 9000 people in the relief camps by OIL under CSR Project Arogya. Awareness on health and hygiene was also carried out in the camps.

Regarding the Impact on Oil/Gas Production, It said, “Due to stoppage/blockades, there was production loss of 504 MT of Crude Oil and 0.62 MMSCM of Natural Gas as reported on 18-06-2020. Operations were disrupted in 33 Oil wells and 5 gas wells. Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 7042 MT Crude oil, 9.23 MMSCM of natural gas.” (ANI)