India logs 26,964 Fresh COVID-19 Cases in last 24 hours


Guwahati: India recorded 26,964 fresh Covid cases, which is 3.2 per cent higher than yesterday’s figures (26,115). The country also reported 383 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The daily positivity rate – number of positive cases identified per 100 – stands at 1.69 per cent. The recovery rate stands at 97.77 per cent, which is the highest since March last year.

The government on Monday said India will resume the export and donations of excess vaccines next month. India, the world’s biggest maker of vaccines overall, had stopped vaccine exports in April to focus on inoculating its own population.

 While India’s latest decision to restart the exports of the Covid-19 vaccines has been hailed by the WHO and other nations, there is a ‘recognition contagion’ brewing. Global powers are introducing or reenforcing clauses that don’t recognise the Covid shots from other nations. India, the biggest vaccine maker in the world, is finding it hard to convince others to recognise the Covishield jabs.