In Massive crackdown, police arrests 242 dalals writing unauthorised petition in police station


Guwahati:  Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma has launched another massive crackdown, this time against ‘Dalals’ (middlemen) who used to write petitions and complaints sitting outside police stations in lieu of money, with police across the State arresting 242 such middlemen in a well-coordinated statewide drive.

The crackdown on these unauthorised petition writers comes after police last year arrested hundreds of land brokers as part of Chief Minister Sarma’s policy of zero-tolerance towards corruption and corrupt practices and to take governance to the door steps of the common man.

“Outside every police stations there are people who files petitions and these people take money from the poorer section to file FIRs and police complaints. The poor people are harassed and we will never tolerate this. This system has to end. We have arrested 242 illegal petitioners and I hope that we will be able to end this dalal system,” Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said while reacting to the crackdown launched by police, saying that the Government will continue to adopt a belligerent posture against such anti-social elements in the coming days, months and years as well.



All the arrested persons have been charged with filling illegal petitions outside police stations in the state.