In Mangaldai, onions sold at Rs. 10 per pair


GUWAHATI: In some markets of Mangaldai, onions are being sold in pairs. Yes, you heard it right, in pairs. The cost of two onions is Rs. 10. Retailers on the streets of Mangaldai are micro-selling the onions in pairs, à la selling eggs.

People from low strata of the society are the targets of this onion in pairs offer. A large part of rural population buys food supplies on a daily basis. There is no doubt that this onion in pairs offer will attract them.  

“As selling per kilo is expensive and will not find buyers we are selling onions in pairs. It is convenient for both the parties. People are not ready to pay for more,” said a retailer in Mangaldai selling onions in pairs.

“Eggs are sold in pairs. But here onions are being sold in this fashion. It has created curiosity among the people. I normally buy 2 kilos or more of onions but today, I purchased just half a kilo. We need to balance the budget,” said a local resident.

The recent rise in onion price is an irritant and an extra load on the monthly food budget of families dependent on onions.