In Assam’s Baksa, bear enters villager’s kitchen, gobbles 18 eggs and a plateful of rice with curry the family had cooked for dinner


GUWAHATI, Dec 16: A family in Assam’s Baksa district had their worst nightmare turned into reality when an unexpected and univited visitor, a large black bear that had strayed into the village from the adjoining Manas National Park, came calling for dinner on Wednesday (Dec 15) night.

Not only did the bear give the family members a visit they least expected, the giant animal went straight into the kitchen where a freshly-cooked sumptuous meal of rice, curry and 18 local chicken eggs – enough to tickle its taste buds — ‘greeted’ it.

It was around 7:30 pm when the family, living in Dawraibari village, saw the bear sitting on the kitchen floor and then slowly emptying the meal the family had cooked for dinner.

“It was around 7:30 at night when we saw the large black bear inside our kitchen. Instant panic gripped us as it was an eerie feeling to see the large bear inside the kitchen, happily munching the food we had cooked for dinner,” the male head of the family told News Live.

“It ate everything we had cooked — the rice, curry and 18 local chicken eggs,” he further said, and added: “With its tummy full, it then took a nap and stayed till the wee hours of the morning before it was tranquilised by forest guards and later released into the neighbouring Manas National Park.

“We will never forget what we went through yesterday. It was probably the scariest night we have ever lived,” the villager’s wife said, narrating the ordeal they underwent.

Bears, incidentally, have been frequently straying into villages with around 15 giant beasts of the Asiatic black bear family tranquilised by foresters in the past couple of months and then released into the wild.