IMA seeks strong law against healthcare violence, demands action over assault on doctor in Assam


New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah seeking an effective and strong law “against healthcare violence”.

In a letter to the Home Minister, IMA referred to an incident in Assam on Monday in which a mob thrashed a doctor after a COVID-19 patient died and said there was a “barbaric attack” on Dr Seuj Kumar.

“It was an extremely inhuman attack,” the IMA said. The doctor was working in the Covid care centre in Hojal district of the state.

Indian Medical Association urged the minister to consider its appeal on emergency basis and enact the strong and effective Act to safeguard the healthcare professionals of the country.

IMA said that healthcare violence is violent incidents directed against doctors, healthcare staff and healthcare establishments with or without reason.

It said that the incidences of healthcare violence have increased over the years and have become widespread and pose threat to the medical practice.

It said that medical fraternity has been working tirelessly during the pandemic and is also facing a serious threat from healthcare violence.

“There are many incidents of healthcare violence taking place across the country. Doctors and healthcare staff is finding it difficult to work under stress of violence. Healthcare violence has become an alarming phenomenon across the country. The real size of problem is largely unknown and recent information shows that the current knowledge is tip of iceberg,” the letter said.

“India needs a comprehensive, uniform and effective law against the healthcare violence. We request you to kindly approve an effective and strong act against the healthcare violence,” it added.
IMA also sought “immediate strict action” on culprits in the Assam incidence.

IMA had earlier in the day urged the Assam government to take strict action against those responsible for assault on the doctor. It demanded that all hospitals should be declared as protective zone.

The Assam Medical Service Association had also written to IMA over the issue. (ANI)