If govt doesn’t perform well, number of Opponents will rise: Assam CM


Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said that the Opposition can never be completely nullified but it can be decreased in number if the government performs well.

Speaking to the media after inaugurating Amrit Kanon park built by the Nagaon Municipality board, the Assam CM said, “Opposition can never be zero in number, but it can be decreased if the government performs well. If the government does not perform well, then the opponents will increase.”

Citing his own example, Sarma said that he has good relations with all the MLAs, even of other parties. “I have good relationships with all the MLAs, not only of my own party but of other parties too. It does not mean that they should only work for BJP. Everyone should work in their own place.”

Further, the Chief Minister said that his main aim is to work for the development of Assam taking along all the people.

“We have removed illegal construction in Lumding Vananchal and after that elephants have gone there while earlier elephants have died there. We are also making a forest there so that elephants can live there. We will definitely be successful in solving this problem,” he added.