Idols, valuables stolen from 6 temples in one night


Thieves are now increasingly targeting temples across Assam. After the infamous theft at the Ugratara Temple earlier this month when four thieves, who have now been arrested along with their accomplices, decamped with three centuries-old idol along with gold ornaments, donation box and other valuables thieves looted oraments, cash from donation boxes and other valuables from as many as sixtemples in one night.

Thieves decamped with three idols of the famous Sidheswar Devalaya in Sualkuchi after breaking into the temple. Two idols of Lord Krishna and an idol of Goddess Durga were stolen from the temple.

“There were six idols inside the temple. Three statues — two of Lord Krishna and one of Goddess Durga — were missing. The thieves broke into the temple and fled away with the idols that were made from eight metals and were around five centuries old,” a priest of the temple told News Live.

“There was no night watchman and the temple was not CCTV monitored,” the priest added.

On the other hand, thieves broke into four temples in Guwahati, probably early Saturday morning, and decamped with gold and silver ornaments besides also taking money from the temples.

The thieves broke into the four temples in Maligaon and looted the cash and valuables, a police officer said, adding that efforts are on to nab them.

In the sixth incident of theft, thieves looted money and other valuables from the Radha-Krishna temple at Raha in Nagaon district.

Devotees, meanwhile, have urged the government and the police to take strong steps to ensure the security of our centuries-old temples.