‘I want to make it big in life’ says Mohd Talib, serial entrepreneur and social media influencer from lucknow


There are 3 types of people : Thinkers, wanters and doers . Thinkers are those who just think about things, never plan to achieve it. They just keep thinking.

Wanters are those who want things and plan for it, but they will never work for it. They just want things. Doers are those who are ready to do anything to accomplish what they want. So making it big in life is not easy, it requires lot of determination, commitment and patience.

Today we bring to you the story of one such inspiring personality who has built his life on his own and works really hard to make it big in life.

Mohd Talib a 23-year-old serial entrepreneur and social media influencer has always dreamt of becoming successful and now he is living his dream. He owns a Lucknow based pharmaceutical distribution and manufacturing company-TJ Pharma. He established his business after completing a diploma in pharmacy. Mohd Talib didn’t stop after that, he invested in construction and real estate business too.

Social media plays a vital role in his success story. Initially, he tried promoting his businesses on his social media accounts. He used to share how he came up with the idea and started off with it. He then gained interest in digital marketing, pursued a course and started working in collaboration with other brands in his free time. His social reach gained him lakhs of followers on social media when he grabbed the attention of relevant audience. People admire his style of connecting with his followers in his live sessions, Q/A rounds and comment sections. He shares his knowledge and experiences of running multiple businesses simultaneously and how he enjoy being busy with all the work that he has.

His social media influence has a significant impact on the outreach of the brand he promotes as he has a wide audience connection. He wish to continue as a social media influencer along with managing his various business ventures.

Mohd Talib has already accomplished a lot but he still has a long way to go. He is a visionary man. He plans to grow his business furthermore.

‘When you have a dream, you have to go grab it and never let go’ he says. To know more about his future plans and how he’s gonna go grab his dreams, check out his instagram handle @mohd.talib7866