I oppose CAA but not Filmfare Awards or sports: Zubeen Garg


GUWAHATI: Assam singer, music composer and film-maker Zubeen Garg came out in support of the Filmfare Awards 2020. The mega event is scheduled to be hosted by the Assam Government on 15th February, 2020 at Guwahati.

This statement came after a few days when a section of the film fraternity of Assam appealed to the people of Assam to boycott the Filmfare Awards 2020. The disgruntled artiste group termed government’s initiative to host the event in Assam as a stance to slow down the ongoing anti-CAA protests.

Speaking to reporters in Tangla, Assam where he is organizing the Kolaguru Festival, Zubeen said, “My agitation against CAA and the government’s initiative of imposing CAA on us is a very different matter altogether. It has nothing to do with Filmfare Awards or any kind of sports events that are being organised in the state. I totally support the award ceremony as it will help the state to gain economic development on a larger scale. The government is ready to spend on the event and I don’t have any problem with that.”

He also further added, “Bollywood bigies such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and many more will come to Assam and this will bring tourists, too, and that is good for us. The benefits will be ours. If we oppose everything in the name of CAA people will never visit Assam and we will have no work.  Some people are opposing the event which is a wrong thing to do and I am not with them. I am clear on my stand. I oppose CAA but not Filmfare Awards.”

Zubeen mentioned that the only reason he is organising the Kolaguru Festival in Tangla is because he wants people to come and visit Tangla and enjoy the festival.