I like Manoj Tiwari’s songs, he dances well: Kejriwal


New Delhi: Chief Minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said he does not mock Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari for his songs and himself watches the Bhojpuri actor-turned-politician’s videos in which he “dances well”.

In an interview to PTI ahead of the February 8 Delhi assembly elections, Kejriwal said wherever he goes, he asks people to listen to Tiwari’s songs and watch the videos of his songs and dance.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener was responding to the Delhi BJP’s allegation that he had insulted “purvanchalis” and their culture by mocking Tiwari’s songs.

Purvanchalis are natives of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar living in Delhi, and they play a vital role in every election in the national capital.

“I have not mocked Tiwari for his song ‘Rinkiya ke Papa’ and instead, I have praised him for singing good songs. I do not understand where is insulting and mocking in it. I listen to Tiwari’s songs. I like his videos. He dances well,” Kejriwal said.

The AAP leader had taken a dig at Tiwari, a well known Bhojpuri actor, referring to him as a “good singer” who rendered ‘Rinkiya ke Papa’.

Kejriwal made the remarks when he was asked for his views about the Delhi BJP president earlier.

Last month, Tiwari had said that Kejriwal mocking ‘Rinkiya ke Papa’ was “insulting” Purvanchalis and their culture.

Purvanchalis are not going to be swayed by the Kejriwal government’s water and power freebies and 98 per cent of them are supporting the BJP, he had claimed.

“Purvanchalis will support the BJP in the Delhi elections because Kejriwal and his party have been ‘humiliating’ them and their culture,” Tiwari had told PTI in an interview.(PTI)