“I got everything in my career, there’s nothing left”: Lionel Messi drops retirement hint


One of the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi has won virtually everything a footballer come. With seven Ballon d’Or, four UEFA Champions League, one Copa America, and one FIFA World Cup trophy, Messi has ‘completed football’. The only title missing from the Argentine’s decorated trophy cabinet was the World Cup and he added that to his kitty too as Argentina defeated France in the final in Qatar last year. While Messi hasn’t given a definite timeline for his retirement from international football, he has now admitted that “there’s nothing left”.

Considered the “Greatest of All Time” by many in the football fraternity, Messi admitted in an interview that he has achieved everything there was to be achieved with the national team.

“It’s at the end of my career, closing a cycle. I achieved everything with the national team I always dreamed. I got everything in my career, individually. It was about closing my career in a unique way. I never imagined that all this was going to happen to me when I started, and getting to this moment was the best. I have no complaints and I can’t ask for more. We won the Copa America [in 2021] and the World Cup, there’s nothing left,” he said in an interview with UrbanaPlay.

In the interview, Messi also opened up on realising his lifelong dream — winning the FIFA World Cup. The 35-year-old said that it would’ve been great if the late Diego Maradona had handed him the FIFA World Cup trophy

“I would have liked Diego to give me the cup, or at least to see all this, to see Argentina as world champions, with everything he wanted and how he loved the national team. I think from above, he – like a lot of people who love me – were strong,” he said.

The Paris Saint-Germain star has resumed club football in France and is looking to make it a more successful season than the last one. PSG remain one of the favourites to go the distance in the Champions League, and Messi remains key to their ambitions.