Human foetus found in lavatory of Guwahati-Delhi Air Asia flight


The body of a stillborn baby was found abandoned on-board an Imphal-Guwahati-Delhi AirAsia flight toilet on Wednesday. According to statement released by AirAsia, the infant was found “lifeless and abandoned” in one of the plane’s lavatories when the aircraft was being prepared for landing.

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Delhi Police were alerted by the flight staff and a doctor from the medical team at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport confirmed that the baby was delivered on-board. The Delhi Police was informed about the discovery of the still born baby by an AirAsia manager and its officers boarded the aircraft once it landed in Delhi.

The baby’s mother is believed to have boarded the flight from Guwahati, a police officer said. Foetus has been sent for postmortem and the lady (suspected to be baby’s mother) has been sent for medical examination.

AirAsia, in its statement, said that a “suspect” has been held by the police for questioning. “A suspect has been held back by police for further investigation. The suspect was identified on questioning of all female passengers onboard,” the statement said.

DCP (airport) of Delhi Police, said that police was informed about by an AirAsia flight manager that “during journey a foetus was found in the lavatory… A lady boarded from Guwahati. During journey in the flight she delivered a pre-mature dead foetus. The matter is being inquired into,” the police officer said.